Tom Daley Took Off His Clothes And Danced For Charity

Medal winners from Team Great Britain got together to dance to “Do Your Thing” for Children In Need. Or rather, a bunch of Olympians performed before and after a Tom Daley striptease.

1. He started with a few show-offy flips.

2. Some lip-syncing.

3. His infamous ghetto slut drop.

More on that here.

4. Whatever this face is.

5. Then he spun around.

6. And ripped his clothes off.

7. And did this.

8. And this.

9. And this.

10. We’ll forgive the lack of dance skills in light of the lack of clothes.

11. Watch the whole video here:

12. DON’T MISS: These dudes doing the “Single Ladies” dance.

13. Flawlessly.

14. God Bless Team GB.

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