Tom Daley Took Off His Clothes And Danced For Charity

Medal winners from Team Great Britain got together to dance to “Do Your Thing” for Children In Need. Or rather, a bunch of Olympians performed before and after a Tom Daley striptease.

1. He started with a few show-offy flips.

ID: 703405

2. Some lip-syncing.

ID: 703406

3. His infamous ghetto slut drop.

More on that here.

ID: 703408

4. Whatever this face is.

ID: 703413

5. Then he spun around.

ID: 703415

6. And ripped his clothes off.

ID: 703416

7. And did this.

ID: 703417

8. And this.

ID: 703418

9. And this.

ID: 703419

10. We’ll forgive the lack of dance skills in light of the lack of clothes.

ID: 703517

11. Watch the whole video here:

ID: 703423

12. DON’T MISS: These dudes doing the “Single Ladies” dance.

ID: 703421

13. Flawlessly.

ID: 703422

14. God Bless Team GB.

ID: 703487

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