34 Times One Direction Brilliantly Reminded Us They’re The Biggest Boy Band In The World

The guys are officially back in rehearsal for their upcoming stadium tour. This is what we have to look forward to.

1. When Harry and Niall flawlessly executed this fist bump.

ID: 2090557

2. When they all nailed this epic choreography.

ID: 2209906

3. When Louis and Niall demonstrated their capacity for high-energy athletic entertainment.

ID: 2139698

4. When they all landed this incredibly complicated dance maneuver.

ID: 2636079

5. When Zayn displayed his internationally renowned “spraying silly string at Harry’s privates” move.

ID: 2636061

6. When this happened.

ID: 2139705

7. When Harry provided Zayn with a perfectly executed backup dance.

ID: 2209893

8. When they collectively displayed their unmatched brilliance in the art of clothes-pinning their own faces.

ID: 2636073

9. When they presented their flawless acting skills to sell perfumes.

ID: 2636028

10. When Niall displayed these impeccable onstage skills…

ID: 2636034

11. And these impeccable offstage skills.

ID: 2090535

12. Whenever they prepare for a show with poise and grace.

ID: 2130547

13. When Harry used his brilliant onstage presence to drop his cotton candy on the ground.

ID: 2636098

14. When this dazzling choreography happened.

ID: 2209883

16. And this.

ID: 2137415

17. When they prepared for this photo shoot with the coolness of true professionals.

ID: 2209902

18. And when they get their hair done like relaxed, polished superstars.

ID: 2209956

19. When this brilliant onstage moment happened.

ID: 2209913

20. When Niall demonstrated the true elegance of an international superstar.

ID: 2138475

21. And again.

ID: 2137350

23. When Liam, Louis, and Harry met this statue of Morgan Freeman with the grace and decorum truly fitting their worldwide dominance.

ID: 2130551

24. When they prepared to hit the stage by very professionally whipping one another on the bottom.

ID: 2137544

25. When this display of gracefulness happened.

ID: 2137086

26. When Harry perfectly accomplished this complicated work of dance.

ID: 2137091

27. And this one.

ID: 2137393

28. And this one.

ID: 2137406

29. When Louis expertly nailed this “spill water all over your own privates” trick.

ID: 2137356

30. Whenever they hug one another with great competence and skill.

ID: 2137401

31. When they’re super professional in public.

ID: 2139653

32. When they nail a truly stunning boy band performance.

ID: 2137410

33. Whenever they are gracefully composed in professional interviews.

ID: 2139711

34. And basically whenever they do anything, because they are truly the biggest boy band in the world.

ID: 2209865

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