28 Things Only Teenage White Girls Will Understand

As told by me, a teenage white girl.

1. Talking on the phone and putting makeup on and straightening your hair when you’re trying to get ready to go to the mall.

ID: 1065299

2. Losing your pony.

ID: 1062934

3. Trying to buy expensive shoesssss.

ID: 1062947

4. Looking super fresh with your cheetah leggings and pink Uggs on the school bus.

ID: 1063134

5. Dancing.

ID: 1062951

6. Getting lured into a teenage white girl trap.

ID: 1062952

7. Falling in love with your gay best friend.

ID: 1062953

8. Wanting this fresh giant Ugg boot for the corner of your bedroom to put under your Justin Bieber poster.

ID: 1062956

9. Honoring the holy teenage white girl pentagram.

ID: 1062957

10. Looking at your Facebook pics and they’re basically all like this.

ID: 1062949

11. Taking selfies in class with your Macbook Air.

ID: 1063136

12. Taking pics of your Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème.

ID: 1063138

14. Duckfacing in a shopping cart hung up on a fence and looking cuteeee.

ID: 1063446

15. Filling up your KFC bucket with Slurpees at the 7-Eleven.

ID: 1065555

16. Getting ready for a hot date at the McDonald’s.

ID: 1064845

17. Letting your Uggs breatheeee.

ID: 1064847

18. Bending over in front of your One Direction poster BECAUSE YOU JUST LOVE ZAYN SO MUCH.

ID: 1064853

19. Getting your groove on.

ID: 1065270

20. Making a music video with your bestiesss.

ID: 1065629

21. Countinggg.

ID: 1065284

22. Feeding your Justin Bieber poster because you know he gets hungry and lonely if you leave him for too long.

ID: 1065292

23. Taking your temperature!!!

ID: 1065277

24. Stopping Konyyyy.

ID: 1065295

25. NOT listening to mom at the grocery store.

ID: 1065296

26. Eating your entire fist.

ID: 1065297

27. Taking selfies with grandma.

ID: 1065298

28. And taking pics in the bathroom!!!!

ID: 1065302

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