33 Things Only Chef Gordon Ramsay Can Get Away With

Everything is raw and you’re a huge disappointment.

1. Telling aspiring chefs that their food looks like a raw, disgusting bison’s penis and that it’s nasty and raw.

ID: 1322191

2. Screaming his face off literally every five minutes.

ID: 1322129

3. But also looking adorable and innocent with a tiny little lamb.

ID: 1322217

4. Calling someone a panini head.

ID: 1322155

5. Falling asleep at a restaurant because his order was taking too long.

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6. Telling chefs that their scallops are shitty and disgusting and that they’ll basically never amount to anything.

ID: 1322135

7. And, of course, telling them all to fuck off.

ID: 1322142

8. Perfectly arranging his vegetables for a naughty chef photo shoot.

ID: 1322156

9. Calling people fuckfaces.

ID: 1322152

10. Expressing profound disappointment in the state of almost every kitchen.

ID: 1322168

11. And pretty much all disgusting food.

ID: 1322170

12. And whatever this is.

ID: 1322175

13. And this.

ID: 1322177

14. And basically just feeling personally insulted about every shitty, disgusting kitchen he’s ever been in.

ID: 1322179

15. Telling a chef their food looks like Gandhi’s flip flop.

ID: 1322184

16. Praying that he won’t be poisoned…

ID: 1322196

17. Telling a chef that they’re the reason his pubes are turning gray.

ID: 1322199

18. Chomping on a huge bone?

ID: 1322210

19. Being really shocked and disappointed by almost everybody.

ID: 1322211

20. But also being adorable…

ID: 1322213

21. And friendly with a nice reindeer…

ID: 1322214

22. And a giant clown.

ID: 1322215

23. Convincing people that they’re basically a huge disappointment.

ID: 1322231

24. Calling crazy chefs Hitler (and expressing deep disappointment over what appears to be macaroni and cheese).

ID: 1322241

25. Getting fed up with almost everybody all the time.

ID: 1322245

26. Trying not to give up.

ID: 1322251

27. Telling a steak he wants to die and fuck off with it to heaven.

ID: 1322260

28. Riding a motorcycle like a boss.

ID: 1322273

29. Vigorously spitting out food right in front of a chef.

ID: 1322280
ID: 1322284

30. Shitting himself.

ID: 1322292

31. Telling chefs how disgusted he is.

ID: 1322303

32. Expressing soul-crushing disgruntlement with everything and everyone.

ID: 1322269

33. And being an all-around awesome guy and probably the greatest chef ever.

ID: 1322232

(h/t gordonramsaygifs.tumblr.com)

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