28 Of The Wisest Lessons Gene Belcher Has Ever Taught The World

Truly the most inspirational character on television.

1. Always try to show everyone how little you care.

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2. When in doubt, tell them outright.

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3. Chase after the things you love.

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4. Always understand the parts of you that make you unique.

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5. Really just know your body inside and out.

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6. Only wear the clothes you absolutely have to…

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7. And don’t wear anything you don’t want to.

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8. Always remind everybody of your strengths.

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9. And don’t let anybody tell you who you are but you.

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10. Always take risks.

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11. Be a top.

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12. Never stop eating until you’re truly full.

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13. Sometimes you just have to complain.

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14. When nobody’s listening, shout louder.

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15. Always ask the right questions.

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16. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re saying it wrong.

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17. Don’t let society tell you how to enjoy your life.

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18. Trust no one.

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19. Don’t let anybody do something you can do yourself.

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20. Take things into your own hands.

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21. Tell it like it is.

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22. Sometimes you just gotta give up.

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23. Never stop hoping that your man-crush is behind the one knocking at the door.

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24. Judge everyone.

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25. Especially your family.

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26. Be confident in your passions.

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27. Honor the one true artist.

ID: 3039771

28. And always — ALWAYS — dance your face off.

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