The 61 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Dogs

A definitive ranking of the absolute most awkward dog moments of all time.

1. When this high dog tried to use this unsuspecting pug as a couch.

2. When this soaring dog overestimated his heroic dog-soaring abilities.

3. When this confused corgi awkwardly pondered how this garlic got on his head.

4. When this dog stood in a sink with a very large pickle placed delicately along his back.

5. When this dog got very angry after his haircut and refused to walk on his front legs.

6. When this dog was imprisoned in kitchen cardboard jail.

7. When this picture happened.

8. When this dog tried to act like this piece of paper didn’t just embarrass him in public.


9. When this overworked pug fell asleep at the dinner table in front of his entire family.

10. When this selfie happened.

11. When this dog tried to look suave while delivering a precious flower.

12. When this dog succumbed to the cushions.

13. When this dog succumbed to the bread.

14. When this dog succumbed to this other dog.

15. When this dog awkwardly refused to eat this chip without guacamole.

16. When this dog refused to get out of another person’s chair.

17. When this dog had to pretend like she actually liked what the hairdresser did to her head.

18. This dog’s awkward sexual encounter with his bed.


19. This dog’s awkward encounter with this butterfly.

20. When this selfie happened.

21. When this dog’s tongue happened.

22. When this dog refused to surrender his leaf.

23. When this dog farted and made this face.

24. When this dog got stuck in the root beer case and tried pretending like nothing happened.

25. When this dog tried to act like he could pull off this hat.

26. When this dog tried to act like she could pull of this Cheeto dress.

27. This attempt at going down the slide.

28. This attempt at hide-and-seek.

29. This attempt at pulling off bread jewelry.

30. This attempt at completing a standardized test.

31. When this adult pug desperately tried to cling to his childhood.

32. When these dogs tried to have a calm conversation.


33. This dog’s very awkward attempt to give a hug.

34. This dog’s very awkward attempt to give a kiss.

35. This dog’s very awkward attempt to cuddle.

36. This dog’s very awkward attempt to whisper a lil’ something.

37. When this dog posed for a portrait with his eyes wide open.

38. When this dog acted like this stick was actually gonna fit.


39. This puppy’s attempt to reach new heights.


40. This puppy’s attempt to reach these leftovers.

41. This puppy’s attempt to reach the bottom of the stairs.


42. This dog’s attempt to take a luxurious swim.


43. This puppy’s attempt to stay cool.

44. When this grandma dog tried to act like her fashions were current.

45. When this boxing dog tried to act like his life wasn’t a complete embarrassment.

46. This dog’s attempt at swimming.

47. This dog’s attempt at sledding.

48. And this dog’s attempt to simply exist in the snow.

49. This dog’s entire life.

50. This dog’s attempt at eating only a small meal.

51. This dog’s attempt at actually looking good in a selfie.

52. When this dog pretended like he didn’t eat the entire container of tomato sauce.

53. When this dog acted like this other dog wouldn’t mind taking him for a ride.

54. This dog’s attempt at understanding furniture.

55. This dog’s attempt at being a hero.

56. This dog’s attempt at remaining youthful.

57. This dog’s awkward attempt at trying to not look terrified in the car.

58. This dog’s attempt at sitting down.

59. This dog’s attempt at trying to get this rooster off his back.

60. When this dog tried to eat a bee.

61. And when this dog discovered he’s a dog.

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