The Cutest Stretch Break You Will Take Today

The most important stretch you will ever have in your life.

1. First, turn your head to the right to see this tiny puppy going for a drive.

ID: 1840882

2. Next, turn your head to the left to see this smiling goat who is very happy to see you today.

ID: 1840904

3. Turn your head to the right to see this kitten in a tiny T-shirt he has to wear to stop from scratching.

ID: 1840915

4. Turn left to see these French bulldog puppies on their first day of swimming lessons.

ID: 1840916

5. Now turn right to see these two dogs get so excited when the doorbell rings, they grab a set of pillows.

ID: 1840917

6. Now left to see this proud mama kangaroo and her teeny baby.

ID: 1840918

7. Now right to see this tiny kitten with a ball lie in the arms of his best friend.

ID: 1840923

8. Turn left to see this super-excited dog collect as many pinecones as his mouth can hold.

ID: 1840924

9. Turn right to see these baby bear cubs doing the hokey pokey in the woods.

ID: 1840925

10. Turn left to see the mightiest of predators take down his most fearsome foe.

ID: 1840930

11. Turn right to see Ernie the porcupine gleefully celebrating his 6th birthday.

ID: 1840934

12. And finally, turn left to see Ruffles the puppy waiting patiently for you to invite him into the room.

ID: 1840935

13. Congratulations on surviving the cutest stretch of your day.

ID: 1841068

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