The 17 Creepiest Dogs You Meet On OkCupid


1. The dog that’s just way too forward way too fast.

ID: 1986975

2. The dog that’s oddly caught up in telling you about his weird talents.

ID: 1986990

3. The “cool dog” who wants you to do something uncomfortable.

ID: 1987002

4. The dog that seems a little caught up in his own interests.

ID: 1986988

5. The dog that’s clearly never been on a date or out into the world ever before.

ID: 1987007

6. The overly confident but emotionally unstable bro dog.

ID: 1987040

7. The dog that has a dark past.

ID: 1987008

8. The dog that’s overly obsessed with his own unsettling fetishes.

ID: 1986970

9. The dog that tried something fun once and now he just can’t stop thinking about it.

ID: 1986997

10. The overly-protective-of-his-shitty-belongings dog.

ID: 1986980

11. The dog that looks nice but is actually into some pretty weird shit.

ID: 1987011

12. The dog that thinks it’s funny to share every disgusting detail of his day-to-day life.

ID: 1987016

13. The dog that is absolutely obsessed with his own shit.

ID: 1987022

14. The dog who can’t seem to shake some repressed memories.

ID: 1987025

15. The confident and obsessive fashion “guru.”

ID: 1987037

16. The dog that’s a little consumed with his own manliness.

ID: 1986983

17. And the dog that clearly has no idea what’s going on ever.

ID: 1987381

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