The Calvin Klein Model Is Back With More Shirtless Twisting

Yes. Okay. Good.

1. Remember Matthew Terry?

ID: 956543

2. He’s the model who writhed around for Calvin Klein during the Super Bowl…

ID: 956545

3. Yes. Yes. Him.

ID: 956546

4. Well… he’s BACK in a dark, moody new spot for Calvin Klein.

ID: 956506

5. And yes, there’s lots of twisting.

ID: 956509

6. Ah, twisting.

ID: 956584

7. And slight turning.

ID: 956512

8. And stretching.

ID: 956508

9. Lots of stretching.

ID: 956511

10. And basically just lots of Matthew Terry appreciation.

ID: 956507

11. That is all. Thank you and good night.

ID: 956569

12. (Here’s the full spot in case you’re interested)

ID: 956601

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