The 18 Best Seconds Of The 110-Second NSYNC Reunion

It was literally 110 seconds. And then they left.

1. When they rose from the stage and you could just barely see their shadows.

ID: 1554767

2. And then when they turned around and you could just see their shadows slightly better.

ID: 1554769

3. When they all started dancing together but it wasn’t really together.

ID: 1554784

4. When Lance and JC were like, “HEY!”

ID: 1554774

5. And Joey and Chris were like, “HEY! WE’RE ALSO HERE.”

ID: 1554776

6. Then when they kept kinda dancing with each other.

ID: 1554778

7. Then when they shimmied right then left.

ID: 1554777

8. When they all leaned with Justin.

ID: 1554779

9. Then ran to the left and posed.

ID: 1554780

10. Then jumped around some more.

ID: 1554781

11. Then did the “Bye, Bye, Bye” jump.

ID: 1554782

12. Then when they kinda just pumped around like this.

ID: 1554783

13. When they swayed like this.

ID: 1554775

14. Then did the “Bye, Bye, Bye” move one more time just for good measure.

ID: 1554773

15. And then they all stomped and Justin was like, “OK, guys that was fun, but it’s over.”

ID: 1554771

16. And then when he spread his arms and was like, “No, really. Guys, that was it.”

ID: 1554770

17. Then when he turned around to the rest of NSYNC and was like, “Thanks, guys. It’s over now,” even though JC kept trying to sing.

ID: 1554772

18. And then Justin walked into the crowd and it was literally over. That was it.

ID: 1554768

Thank you, NSYNC, for your time.

ID: 1554810

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