The 47 Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs Of 2013

The best, cutest, and most viral dog moments of the year.

1. These puppies whose tandem fall inspired a million awws.

ID: 2074829

2. This roving roomba villain who terrorized a nation.

ID: 2073312

3. This dog who braved the ferocious attention of her adoring fans.

ID: 2073422

4. This dog who bumped it pretty hard in his imaginary club.

ID: 2073315

5. This loyal dog who refused to let the love of his life get away.

ID: 2074857

6. This dog who proved to be the most masterful at hide-and-seek.

ID: 2073460

7. This dog who was more surprised than anything else this whole year.

ID: 2073465

8. This dog who endured minutes of agonizing comfort between the couch cushions.

ID: 2073321

9. And this pug whose cry for help rung from coast to coast.

ID: 2073251

10. This dog who fought the most valiant fight with this villainous bowl.

ID: 2073261

11. And this dog who’s probably still fighting this valiant fight with this villainous shadow.

ID: 2073443

12. This dog who portrayed the most flawless Mario.

ID: 2073464

13. This dog whose brave dance-floor moves inspired a musical revolution.

ID: 2073266

14. This puppy whose athletic skills shone far and bright.

ID: 2073274

15. This puppy whose bravery overcame insurmountable odds.

ID: 2073289

16. This high dog who swam for his life.

ID: 2073296

17. This pug who saw something — SOMETHING — that none of us will ever believe.

ID: 2073305

18. This dog whose excitement about the morning paper was more important than any news that day.

ID: 2073335

19. This treadmilling puppy and her dad.

ID: 2074850

20. This dog who was epically chill.

ID: 2073419

21. And this dog who was epically NOT chill.

ID: 2073424

22. This dog who was horrifically confused by this disruption in his day.

ID: 2073428

23. This dog whose anger over this pitch could not be stopped.

ID: 2073433

24. This dog who snuck up on all of us.

ID: 2073434

25. This corgi who still hasn’t escaped.

ID: 2073441

26. This dog with the slowest reflexes of all time.

ID: 2073446

27. This excited dog who could not contain himself AT ALL.

ID: 2073450

28. This dog whose twerking inspired a movement.

ID: 2073453

29. This awkward dog who could not handle this tiny piece of food.

ID: 2073455

30. This dog who really needed this man to step off.

ID: 2073457

31. This dog who proved you can never be too wound up.

ID: 2073459

32. This corgi who could not stop his excitement for this ball.

ID: 2074823

33. This scootering dog.

ID: 2074826

34. This dog who taught us about enduring the worst of friends.

ID: 2074825

35. This dog who taught us about showing our grumpy friends some love.

ID: 2074839

36. And this dog who taught us about enduring unwanted advances.

ID: 2074827

37. This dog whose excitement proved to be his biggest downfall.

ID: 2074835

38. This ticklish monster.

ID: 2074832

39. These racing stroller dogs.

ID: 2074844

40. This dog who learned you only need a slope and gravity to have fun.

ID: 2074845

41. This dog who danced for her life and still got left outside.

ID: 2074849

42. This puppy who spent the year in absolute ecstasy.

ID: 2074853

43. These dogs who tried to teach this baby the most perfect way to crawl.

ID: 2074856

44. This dog whose endless spinning will never stop being inspiring.

ID: 2074899

45. This puppy who may be the happiest, most fluffy dog of all time.

ID: 2074890

46. This dog whose butt shuffling was by far the most important shuffle of the year.

ID: 2074893

47. And this corgi, whose twerking energized the world.

ID: 2074896

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