The 32 Man-Candiest Moments Of The Year

So. Many. Abs.

32. When Darren Criss took off his clothes and looked sexy on a beach.

Photo by Nino Muñoz for People / Via
ID: 742355

31. When Tom Daley took off his clothes and looked sexy under a bunch of water.

Photography by John Wright / Via
ID: 742423

30. When Sebastian Stan got wet with a bottle of scotch.

Nigel Parry/USA Network / Via
ID: 742430
Nigel Parry/USA Network / Via
ID: 749636

29. When Kit Harington did this shirtless photo shoot.


For Men’s Journal.

ID: 742434

28. When the “Price Is Right” picked this guy as its first male model.

Monty Brinton / CBS
ID: 742439

27. When “Marina & the Diamonds” made a music video and it was all about these hunks.

ID: 742478

26. When this marathon runner became Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

ID: 745540

25. When the Olympics brought us half-naked swimmers.

Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 748374

24. And divers.

Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 745576

23. And unnecessarily censored Tom Daley.

ID: 749750

22. And diving gold medalist David Boudia.

Nick Laham / Getty Images
ID: 745571

21. When Australia gave us this bootylicious water polo team.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images
ID: 748390

20. And this hunky swimming team.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images
ID: 748399

19. When Danell Leyva kept taking all his clothes off.

George Riveron for LifeStyle Miami / Via
ID: 748319

18. When this guy didn’t compete in the Olympics but it didn’t matter.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

(He didn’t make the team.)

ID: 747462

17. When Anderson Cooper came out and also when he wore this shirt.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
ID: 745608

16. When Zac Efron made this “John John” campaign video.

ID: 745639

15. When Prince Harry got naked.

ID: 747442

14. When “Call Me Maybe” brought us this guy.

ID: 747678

13. When “Glee” gave us Dean Geyer.

ID: 747771

12. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt took off his clothes on “SNL.”

ID: 747854

11. When David Beckham stripped for H&M.

David Beckham for H&M / Via
ID: 747861

10. When James Bond breathed really heavy by the pool.

ID: 747885

9. Whenever Max Greenfield was on “New Girl.”

ID: 747960

8. Everything that happened on “True Blood.”

ID: 748273

7. Everything that happened on “Teen Wolf.”

ID: 748283

6. When Chris Hemsworth showed off his giant arms in GQ.

Paola Kudacki / Via
ID: 749545

5. When this shot of Chris Evans’s butt happened in “The Avengers.”

ID: 748761

4. When football star Chris Kluwe did this shoot for OUT Magazine.

Photography by David Bowman / Via
ID: 749796

3. When Miley Cyrus got a lap dance on “The Ellen Show.”

ID: 748467

2. When Don Draper went swimming.

FameFlynet Pictures / Via
ID: 749574

1. And literally every moment of “Magic Mike.”

ID: 747904

God Bless.

ID: 749675

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