54 Reasons The German World Cup Team Might Actually Be The Hottest World Cup Team

Move over, Spain. You got competition.

1. To start off, the Germans have this babe-faced hunklet named Manuel Neuer.

David Ramos / Getty Images
ID: 3149612

2. They have Manuel’s smooth babe-like face and stern babe-like eyes.

Shaun Botterill / Getty Images
ID: 3149624

3. They have his incredible babe-like selfie-taking face.

ID: 3149830

4. And, of course, they have all of the German babeness that can squeeze into this tight sweaty undershirt.

Joern Pollex / Getty Images
ID: 3149632

5. They also have this beautiful fuzzy flower named Benedikt Hoewedes.

ID: 3149904

6. And all of Benedikt’s flawless field work.

Joern Pollex / Getty Images
ID: 3149645

7. But mostly, all of his adorable, fuzzy-faced, wispy-haired, doe-eyed grace and beauty.

ID: 3149907

8. They have actual angelic cherub hunk Julian Draxler.

Alex Grimm/Bongarts / Getty Images
ID: 3151081

9. They have Julian’s perfect, long hunk hams.

AP Photo/Michael Sohn
ID: 3151073

10. They have all of this beauty getting out of a fancy-looking car.

ID: 3150582

11. And all of his flawless babe-like freshness.

ID: 3150580

12. And all of his glowing god-like form emerging from the depths of the waters like an actual statue made smooth yet hard by the depths of the seas.

ID: 3150576

13. Probably most importantly, they have actual German man sculpture Mats Hummels.

Paolo Bruno / Getty Images
ID: 3149647

14. They have his rock-like German jaw and sword-like cheekbones and flowing black hair.

Handout/UEFA via Getty Images
ID: 3149648

15. They have his actual angelic smile.

Denis Doyle / Getty Images
ID: 3149654

16. And they have all of his statuesque German babeness glowing like a plump pretzel fresh from the oven, warm and soft.

Alex Grimm / Getty Images
ID: 3149659

17. They have all this slow-motion liquid-gulping, thirst-quenching seduction.

ID: 3157256

18. They have all this slow-motion liquid-gulping, thirst-quenching seduction.

ID: 3150889

19. They have all of his sweaty, towel-wearing, trophy-holding gorgeousness.

ID: 3149946

20. They have all of this shirtless, slow-clapping poise and finesse.

ID: 3150897

21. And basically all of this literal perfection.

ID: 3150902

22. They also have the strapping husky bulk of a German godlike statue named Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images
ID: 3149665

23. And all of Bastian’s freeness.

Joern Pollex / Getty Images
ID: 3149685

24. And all of his angry, I’m-gonna-tear-off-my-shirt-just-because-I-can hunkness.

Shaun Botterill / Getty Images)
ID: 3149688

25. And basically all of his “standing around with the guys, but I had to take my shirt off because that’s how I’m most comfortable” realness.

Martin Rose / Getty Images
ID: 3149643

26. They also have ginger babe Andre Schuerrle and his beautiful, flowing ginger hair and ginger scruff.

Julian Finney / Getty Images
ID: 3149712

27. They have his smooth babe-like face.

Joern Pollex / Getty Images
ID: 3149718

28. And his “I still look good even though I basically took this selfie from the worst angle” abilities.

ID: 3150593

29. And all of this beautiful, dripping, tall, cold stein of beer gorgeousness.

ID: 3150596

30. Also they have actual rock-like man boulder Lukas Podolski.

Paul Gilham / Getty Images
ID: 3149724

31. And all of Lukas’ casually seductively licking-the-rain-with-his-muscles-out abilities.

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images
ID: 3149728

32. They have his smoldering, fuzzy-faced stare.

Julian Finney / Getty Images
ID: 3149735

33. The casual strolling about with my flat stomach just casually deflecting the atmosphere with its flatness.

Clive Mason / Getty Images
ID: 3149741

34. They have all of this hunky muscle.

ID: 3150237

35. And this beautiful selfie-taking face.

ID: 3150243

36. They have actual models even though they’re just casually strolling around at the beach Ron-Robert ZIeler and Mesut Ozil.

Joern Pollex / Getty Images
ID: 3149761

37. And Mesut’s actual godlike stomach.

ID: 3151615

38. They have Philipp Lahm’s casually perfect eyebrow game.

Handout/UEFA via Getty Images
ID: 3149770

39. And Shkodran Mustafi’s casually flawless facial hair game.

Martin Rose / Getty Images
ID: 3149795

40. And Toni Kroos’s casually “I look perfect even though I’m running very fast” game.

Paolo Bruno / Getty Images
ID: 3149775

41. And Cristoph Kramer’s casually perfect everything.

ID: 3150535

42. They have actual babe wonder Erik Durm.

Martin Rose / Getty Images
ID: 3149765

43. And all of his shirt-removing capabilities.

ID: 3150563

44. But especially his slurping-from-a-watermelon-while-shirtless capabilities.

ID: 3150854

45. And basically all of his inability to keep his shirt on while also remaining quenched.

ID: 3150859

46. They have the adorable beauty and grace that is Mario Goetze.

Alex Grimm / Getty Images
ID: 3149783

47. They have Mario’s adorable little blond hair and his little face and all his little scruffy hairs.

Shaun Botterill / Getty Images
ID: 3149780

48. They have his actual perfect beach body.

ID: 3150551

49. Like, actually perfect, wurst-sizzling bod.

ID: 3150553

50. And basically all of his adorable but also steamy selfies.

ID: 3150555

51. They have the actual all-around perfection that is Jerome Boateng.

ID: 3150539

52. They have all of this perfection combined.

ID: 3150558

53. Basically just hotness squared and then doubled and then squared again.

ID: 3149915

54. They have these flawless German legs and feet and all-around steaminess.

ID: 3150568

55. And basically they have all of this babeness crammed into one team and it is perfect.

ID: 3150560

BONUS: Here’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel happily posing with all of this German perfection after their World Cup victory over Portugal.

Guido Bergmann/Bundesregierung via Getty Images
ID: 3151857


The beautifully bearded German hunk in 38 is Shkodran Mustafi, not Per Mertesacker, even though he is also flawless.

ID: 3153325

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