28 Reasons Nick Symmonds Is The Most Adorably Awesome Athlete Alive

He’s adorable, he supports LGBT rights in Russia, AND HE HAS A RABBIT NAMED MORTIMER.

1. This is Nick.

Julian Finney / Getty Images
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2. Nick is a two-time U.S. Olympic runner and all-around super fast and cool guy.

Julian Finney / Getty Images
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3. At the 2013 World Athletics Championships in Moscow, he dedicated his silver medal to his LGBT friends and openly criticized Russia’s “gay propaganda” law.

Julian Finney / Getty Images

“Whether you’re gay, straight, black, white, we all deserve the same rights,” he said.

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4. And he’s been an all-around vocal supporter for LGBT rights.

Adam Bouska / noh8campaign.com
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5. Plus — and this is very important — Nick is also super adorable and gorgeous and beautiful.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images
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6. He has a literally flawless selfie game.

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7. He knows how to take the perfect Snapchat.

ID: 1517901

8. And he wears running shorts that look like this.

Donald Gruener / 1859oregonmagazine.com
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9. Basically, he has a perfect beautiful face.

ID: 1518082


And his legs look better than your legs will EVER look in jorts.

ID: 1517923

11. He likes to dress like animals.

ID: 1517925

12. This is how he eats an “emergency burrito.”

ID: 1517928

13. And despite his burrito-eating, this is what he and his butt look like while running.

ID: 1517911

14. And this is what they look like picking up hay.

ID: 1517930

15. He is capable of growing a beautiful porn ‘stache.

ID: 1517914

16. And a beautiful, lush beard.

ID: 1517915

17. He has a 6-year-old rabbit named Mortimer T.R. Symmonds and they are best friends.

T.R. stands for “The Rabbit.” Actually.

ID: 1517917

18. He looks perfect posing next to a cactus in the middle of the desert.

ID: 1517918

19. And he looks precious holding up a crab.

ID: 1517929

20. Basically, he just looks perfect wading in shallow water.

ID: 1518038

21. And jumping really high.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images
ID: 1518128

22. And standing there and caressing his wonderful hairless legs.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images
ID: 1518133

23. He’s adorable while reading fine literature.

ID: 1517981

24. And ignoring loud kids on a plane.

ID: 1518040

25. And dressing as a precious bunny.

ID: 1518042

26. He is amazing and beautiful and likes ice cream.

ID: 1518046


ID: 1518073

28. And in conclusion here he is ruining my life in an adorable panda hat.


ID: 1517975

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