34 Reasons It’s A True Tragedy Tom Daley Isn’t Gay

The British diver tells Mirror Online that he loves his gay fans but isn’t gay himself. UPDATE: Tom announced he has a boyfriend. But here’s a bunch of pictures of him anyway…

1. Because Tom and literally any man would make an adorable, beautiful couple.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Nickelodeon UK

Especially fellow British diver Jack Laugher, because they are, like, actually perfect.

ID: 1614325

2. Because he looks truly spectacular surrounded by other half-naked men.

ID: 1614991

3. Because he’s too good at thrusting in the water with other guys for this skill to go to waste.

ID: 1614773

4. And because he’s too good at dancing on the beach with other guys to let THAT skill go to waste.

ID: 1614779

5. Because he looks too good in this underwear ad for women to have him all by themselves.

ID: 1614180

6. Because his cat probably wants it that way, to be honest.

(You can see it in her eyes.)

ID: 1614175

7. Because he likes beaches and lots of gay people also like beaches.

ID: 1614178

8. Because these ducks want him to be gay, too.

ID: 1614179

9. Because he has a truly fabulous taste in hats.

ID: 1614181

10. And a generally flawless choice of outerwear.

ID: 1614177

11. And an always spectacular taste in shoes.

ID: 1614183

12. Because his selfie game is so strong that most women probably would not even know what to do with him.

I mean, come on.

ID: 1614182

13. Because millions of gay guys everywhere would be very happy if he was.

Getty Images / Adidas
ID: 1614312

14. Because…

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Nickelodeon UK
ID: 1614319

15. I’m just saying…

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Nickelodeon UK
ID: 1614315

16. Because he looks good in a suit, is what I was getting at.

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Nickelodeon UK
ID: 1614304

17. Because he is beautiful and being gay would make him glow even more.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

(Gay people glow, it’s science.)

ID: 1614347

18. Because he’s working with a lot…

Al Bello / Getty Images
ID: 1614352

19. And, c’mon ladies…

Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 1614366

20. I’m just worried this would be too much.

Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 1614385


Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 1614388

23. Anyway… Because he is very comfortable giving man-on-man love.

Adam Pretty / Getty Images
ID: 1614375

24. And he and every other man look perfect together.

ID: 1614992

25. And they probably would be super happy together and make adorable babies.*

*I know, I know, but can you imagine?

ID: 1614730

26. Because this is how he showers and, I guess it’s not related, but still.

ID: 1614829

27. Because he’s just adorable and I want it to be this way.

ID: 1614920

28. Because of this irrelevant (but very important) visual.

ID: 1614833

29. Because he can handle balls very well.

(I’m sorry.)

ID: 1614932


ID: 1614990


ID: 1614993

32. Because he is too beautiful for only one gender to truly love and appreciate.

Adam Pretty / Getty Images
ID: 1614360

33. Also because he’s smart and goes to school and would probably rationally choose to spend his life with a man if he wasn’t straight anyway.

Julian Finney / Getty Images
ID: 1614394

34. And because all men desperately want to be his boyfriend (even though he’s not gay and we totally respect his straight lifestyle, it’s just a thing that would be nice).

ID: 1614936

Let us dream.

ID: 1615208

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