Meet Mr. Gay World 2013

Yes, there is a Mr. Gay World. Yes, he’s a fitness-training, ballet-dancing hunk.

1. Meet Chris Olwage.

ID: 1472439

2. He might look like your average 27-year-old South-African-born New Zealand hunk, hanging out at the beach, looking pensive in a tank top and shorts.

ID: 1472362

3. But ACTUALLY, Chris is the newly crowned winner of the 2013 Mr. Gay World competition.

ID: 1472599

4. Chris was a Mr. Gay World contestant from New Zealand…

ID: 1472859

5. Where he served honorably as Mr. Gay NZ, walking around in parades like this.

ID: 1472679

6. And this.

ID: 1472985

7. He was also a contestant on New Zealand’s Got Talent

ID: 1472568

8. Where he performed as a bird ballerina…

ID: 1472565

9. And did moves like this.

ID: 1472566

10. Besides being the newly crowned gay ambassador to the world, Chris also enjoys dancing around the studio in heels.

ID: 1472343

11. Stretching his legs in very small shorts.

ID: 1472321

12. Pole dancing.

ID: 1472344

13. Doing ballet in the forest.

ID: 1472345

14. Holding goats.

ID: 1472346

15. Being shirtless.

ID: 1472318

16. Looking hot around rocks.

ID: 1472358

17. Grasping a cliff.

ID: 1472397

18. Looking like an adorable nerd.

ID: 1472384

19. Hugging trees.

ID: 1472456

20. Being a fierce gay bird ballerina.

ID: 1472506

21. Taking sweaty selfies.

ID: 1472727

22. Being an all-around diva.

ID: 1472697

23. And generally being sexy and awesome and gay.

ID: 1472459

24. In conclusion, this is Mr. Gay World and here he is holding a kitten.

God bless.

ID: 1472857

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