Lance Bass Is Engaged And He And His Fiancé Are Adorable

Congrats, Lance and Michael!

1. Lance Bass uploaded this pic to Instagram with the caption, “He said YES!! Love this man.”

ID: 1583822

2. His fiancé, Michael Turchin, is an aspiring actor, artist, occassional model, and generally good-looking guy.

ID: 1583837

4. And basically they are a painfully attractive couple.

ID: 1583839

5. They look snazzy dressed up together.

ID: 1583826

6. And dressed down together.

ID: 1583834

7. Standing next to fake horses together.

ID: 1583827

8. Riding on motorcycles together.

ID: 1583830

9. And being generally hot next to one another.

ID: 1583829

10. They look adorable cuddling with one another.

ID: 1583832

11. And leaning on one another.

ID: 1583831

12. And being weird together.

ID: 1583841

13. And making everybody else look bad because they’re so attractive, it physically hurts.

ID: 1583828

14. So congrats, Michael and Lance.

ID: 1583833

15. For making every other couple embarrassed to not be you two.

ID: 1583836

16. Bless you both.

ID: 1583835

17. You adorable little soon-to-be husbands.

ID: 1583840

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