Here’s Henry Cavill Working Out Shirtless And Becoming A Real Life Man Of Steel

God bless Superman and his big, beautiful muscles.

1. So real-life Superman Henry Cavill had to get super jacked for “Man of Steel,” because Superman is SUPER JACKED, DUH.

ID: 1276727

2. And his beautiful muscles didn’t just grow out of nowhere.

ID: 1276679

3. But fortunately the National Guard put out this wonderful video of Henry gettin’ swole.

ID: 1276680

4. He got to jump over this weight like a frog while not wearing a shirt.

ID: 1276673

5. And drag this wheelbarrow full of stuff while not wearing a shirt.

ID: 1276674

6. And lift things with his big, beautiful man arms.

ID: 1276675

7. He got to sit on a bench and clench his stomach while bursting out of his shirt.

ID: 1276676

8. And lift more stuff while wearing a shirt, but honestly, the shirt is probably just getting in the way here; I don’t know what he was thinking.

ID: 1276678

9. He got to climb fences.

ID: 1276722

10. And basically just stand around while people admired him.

ID: 1276677

11. There was lots of shirtless lifting.

ID: 1276723

12. Just basically endless shirtless lifting.

ID: 1276724

13. And again with the shirt…

ID: 1276725

14. But it doesn’t matter because Superman is still jacked and beautiful.

ID: 1276726

15. Enjoy the whole glorious video.

ID: 1276823

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