31 Iconic Moments From The Beginning Of One Direction

It’s been FOUR YEARS since One Direction started on the X Factor. FOUR YEARS.

1. When each of their tiny baby faces auditioned for the X Factor UK with no idea they would become the sensation they are today.

ID: 3449890

2. And, in particular, when Harry Styles made this very important squirrelly audition face.

ID: 3449339

3. When they all wore these chic matching black outfits.

ID: 3449320

4. When all of their precious young faces appeared on stage, looking innocent and pure and bashful and excited all at once.

Ken McKay/TalkbackThames/REX USA
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5. And especially their little faces whenever they got a compliment.

ID: 3449405

6. When Harry rocked this iconic combination of a collar-popped polo, cardigan, baggy pants, and floppy shoes.

Neil Mockford / Getty Images
ID: 3449012

7. Every single dramatic Niall close-up on the X Factor.

ID: 3449692

8. Every single glistening, tear-filled, nervous twitch.

ID: 3449768

9. When they all looked like this.

ID: 3449762

10. The time they spelled Niall’s name wrong and he looked like a tiny, broken doll.

Ken McKay / Rex/REX USA
ID: 3449905

11. When they dressed like a team of chic zombies for Halloween.

Ken McKay / Rex/REX USA
ID: 3449907

12. This iconic hug.

Ken McKay / Rex/REX USA
ID: 3449908

13. This iconic group shot.

ID: 3449802

14. All of these iconic fashions.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage
ID: 3448665

15. And especially this iconic T-shirt.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage
ID: 3448664

16. When they all casually walked down the street together and all of their pants were actually loose enough to allow oxygen inside.

Danny Martindale / WireImage
ID: 3448667

17. When they all looked like swooshy-haired dolls at some Pokémon event.

Jon Furniss / WireImage
ID: 3448670

18. When they all crowded around baby Niall for this iconic Zaynless group shot.

Danny Martindale / WireImage
ID: 3448672

19. When Niall wore this iconic combination of accessories.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage
ID: 3448807

20. When Liam’s swoopy hair covered half of his tiny face.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage
ID: 3448812

21. When pre-stubble Zayn still looked pretty much just as flawless as he does today.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage
ID: 3448809

22. When they all insisted on wearing jackets and sweaters and cardigans and scarves.

JAB Promotions / WireImage
ID: 3448814

23. When this was the most they dressed up.

Jon Furniss / WireImage
ID: 3448819

24. When Louis never went anywhere without a scarf wrapped around his tiny neck.

JAB Promotions / WireImage
ID: 3448824

25. When all just walked around with Cher Lloyd looking like this.

Neil Mockford / Getty Images
ID: 3449007

26. When all of their tattoo-less bodies went to the beach.

ID: 3449291

27. Any of their precious young X Factor interviews.

ID: 3449314

28. The iconic nervous Harry face.

ID: 3449387

29. The iconic moment they found out they would be a band together.

ID: 3449936

30. Their first official photo as a group.

ID: 3449923

31. And the iconic moment they left the X Factor and went on to become the men they are today.

ID: 3449369


Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for Rays of Sunshine
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