43 Fabulous Ways To Live Life Like Jack McFarland

This isn’t the Will and Grace show. It’s JUST JACK.

1. Always dramatically announce absolutely every entrance.

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2. And reserve a special announcement for your best assets.

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3. Don’t let other people define who you are.

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Especially not Kevin Bacon.

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4. Have a healthy fear of God.

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5. …Always feel her presence.

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6. And pay homage to her when appropriate.

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7. Ignore the people who are coming on too strong.

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8. Even though maybe sometimes you come on a little too strong.

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9. Never put limits on yourself.

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10. Unless something’s too difficult… then, whatever.

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11. Never let other people tell you what to do.

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12. Unless they’re complimenting you. Then they can say whatever they want.

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13. Stay strong in your convictions.

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14. And question things you’re not sure about.

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15. Never give up because you will eventually find your way.

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16. Feel good about the fact that you’re better than everybody around you.

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17. Dress to impress.

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18. Pretty much everybody is falling in love with you.

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19. Go on literally thousands of dates every year.

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20. Never forget that you are, and will always be, the best thing that ever happened to everybody around you.

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21. Dream about what makes you happy.

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22. You can never, EVER, be too dramatic.

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24. Everything is always, without fail, about you.

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25. Do not tolerate children.

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26. Learn as many skills as you can. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

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27. Also, learn as many languages as possible.

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28. Offer help wherever it’s needed.

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29. And never hesitate to hand out compliments when they’re deserved.

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30. But also, mock everyone. Always.

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31. There’s pretty much never a time when you shouldn’t be sarcastic.

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33. Understand the importance of good parenting.

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34. Pretty much always assume the worst.

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35. But when things get bad, understand that a tummy bump will always make things better.

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36. Always.

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37. Call things as you see them.

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38. Set lofty goals.

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39. Be inspired.

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40. Take special inspiration from your idols.

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41. Don’t dance around a subject.

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42. It’s pretty much always best to just get straight to the point.

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43. And, of course, never EVER pretend to be anybody you’re not.

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Also follow this amazing Will & Grace Tumblr for every fabulous Jack moment.

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