34 Dogs Who Need To Be Cut Off

OK, it’s time to go home. You’ve had quite enough to drink.

1. Um, you know what, I…I think you’ve had enough.

ID: 1263781

2. Oh…yep…yeah, you’re just falling all over the place now.

ID: 1263756

3. C’mon, dog, that’s…that’s a wall. Do you even know where you are right now?

ID: 1263754

4. No, that’s it. You’re done. Give me the bottle.

ID: 1263763

5. Dude, how many drinks did you even have?

ID: 1263656

6. Well, now you’re just stumbling over everything.

ID: 1263759

7. Basically just making a fool of yourself.

ID: 1263762

8. OK, well, I know you’re not sleeping. YOU’RE ABOUT TO PASS OUT. And I’m not carrying your drunk ass home.

ID: 1263664

9. Fine, go ahead and make faces at me. But you’re cut off.

ID: 1263666

10. You can bitch all you want. You’re not having any more. You had, like, three Long Island Iced Teas. THREE.

ID: 1263693

11. Frankly, I’m surprised you’re even alive right now.

ID: 1263669

12. OK, well now you’re just being belligerent.

ID: 1263675

13. Can’t even sit up straight.

ID: 1263764

14. That joke you thought was funny earlier? Racist. Just plain racist. I had to cover for you.

ID: 1263696

15. Can’t even get up the stairs without help.

ID: 1263694

16. You can barely walk.

ID: 1263685

17. OK, sure, just dance it off.

ID: 1263701

18. No, don’t even try to hide and then sneak into the kitchen and grab another drink. YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH.

ID: 1263706

19. You keep creeping into everyone’s pictures.

ID: 1263727

20. You screamed an obscenity at that bartender. She was pretty offended, actually.

ID: 1263713

21. Can you even breathe?

ID: 1263729

22. HOW DID YOU GET ANOTHER DRINK? No. Give it to me.

ID: 1263730

23. This is unbelievable. You’re out of control right now.

ID: 1263731

24. Just go get something to eat.

ID: 1263734

25. You know what? I’m embarrassed for you. Honestly.

ID: 1263738

26. Oh, god. Now you’ve done it. Broken everything. I told you not to have another drink. Just couldn’t stop yourself, could you?

ID: 1263743

27. OK, you know what? I’m done taking care of you. You’re a mess.

ID: 1263752


ID: 1263747

29. OK, yeah, now you’re feeling, it aren’t you? I swear to God, if you throw up, I’ll make your drunk ass clean it up.

ID: 1263753

30. You disgust me. Look at yourself.

ID: 1263768

31. Can…can you even get up? No, you can’t, can you? You’re stuck. You’re drunk and stuck.

ID: 1263772

32. No more. In fact, you probably shouldn’t drink again ever.

ID: 1263779

33. Pretty much the messiest drunk I’ve ever met.

ID: 1264027

34. Just…go sleep it off, you filthy drunk.

ID: 1263780

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