24 Cats That Heard You Been Talking Smack

“You talkin’ smack? ‘Cause I heard you been talkin’ smack.”

2. “Hey… guess what?”

ID: 1141138

3. “I heard you been talkin’ SMACK.”

ID: 1141154

4. “Yeah, bet you didn’t think I heard, but I heard.”

ID: 1140846

5. “Heard you been talkin’ all KINDS of SMACK.”

ID: 1141144

6. “Talkin’ smack left and right.”

ID: 1141147

7. “Talkin’ smack all over town.”

ID: 1141738

8. “And I heard all of it.”

ID: 1141533

9. “‘Cause I’m always listenin’.”

ID: 1141153

10. “Heard that smack you been talkin’ bout my mom.”

ID: 1141736

11. “Read that smack you been talkin’ bout me online.”

ID: 1141740

12. “Heard that smack you been typin’ to your friends.”

ID: 1141526

13. “And, oh yeah, you think I didn’t hear you talkin’ that smack about me when I left the room, ‘CAUSE I HEARD.”

ID: 1141755

14. “So, listen here, bitch.”

ID: 1140841

15. “You got something to say, you SAY IT TO MY FACE.”

ID: 1140834

16. “‘Cause I’mma hear ALL THE SMACK YOU TALKIN’ ANYWAY.”

ID: 1140848

17. “Yeah, you think I’m not always listenin’?”

ID: 1140849

18. “‘Cause I’m always listenin’.”

ID: 1141134

19. “And I’m always watchin’.”

ID: 1141820

20. “And bro I WILL COME AT YOU.”

ID: 1141136

21. “So don’t go talkin’ smack unless you wanna GET SMACKED, YA FEEL?”

ID: 1141844

22. “What’s that?!”

ID: 1141523

23. “You got something to say while I’m here in front of your face?!”

ID: 1141761

24. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

ID: 1141612

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