Bushy Eyebrows Are The Hottest Thing Ever

They’re like big cozy sweaters. But hotter.

1. Let’s talk about bushy eyebrows for a sec.

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2. Mostly how they’re the hottest thing ever.

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3. They’re like, “Yeah, I’m big and bushy and gorgeous.”

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4. They’re like the boobs of the face.

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5. They make a sexy face even sexier.

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6. Also they’re just super hot.

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7. Like, just look at them.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
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8. So wild and free and without inhibition.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
ID: 661458

10. So dark and mysterious.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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11. They’re like a sexy face frame.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images
ID: 661468

12. Like sexy eye hats.

ID: 661470

13. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate…

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
ID: 661486
Sean Gallup / Getty Images
ID: 661492

15. These exceptionally sexy, bushy brows.

Marianna Massey / Getty Images
ID: 661511
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
ID: 661504

17. They’re like the sexy abs of the face.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images
ID: 661514

18. Like sexy, burly face caterpillars.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 661517

19. No wimpy, thin brows here.

ID: 661532

22. Just pure, brawny brow.

ID: 661706

23. Thick and precious.

ID: 661723

24. Bushy and luxurious.

ID: 661730

25. Like sexy wooly face mammoths.

ID: 661728

26. Basically the hottest thing ever.

ID: 661708

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