Beyoncé Turns Kevin Hart Into A Screaming, Uncontrollable Fangirl

Beyoncé turns everyone* into a screaming, uncontrollable fangirl. But especially Kevin Hart.

1. So Kevin Hart was in the audience of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in Los Angeles…

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com
ID: 2080333

2. And like anybody in the audience of a Beyoncé show, he saw The Light.

ID: 2080339

3. This is Kevin Hart receiving the spirit and glory of Beyoncé.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com
ID: 2080335

4. Letting the spirit and glory of Beyoncé flow through his entire being.

ID: 2080341

5. This is Kevin Hart giving up because the spirit and glory of Beyoncé is far too overwhelming for one small man to handle.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com
ID: 2080334

6. This is Kevin Hart singing into Beyoncé’s microphone and rising from his body, a new man, blessed.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com
ID: 2080332

7. And this is Kevin Hart clutching a towel containing the holy sweat of Beyoncé, a spiritual gift that will change his life forever.

Rob Hoffman / iam.beyonce.com
ID: 2080336

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