Adorable Two-Legged Baby Pig Has A Wheelchair Made Of Toys

His name is Chris P. Bacon. And he’s the best two-legged baby pig in a wheelchair there is.

1. Meet Chris P. Bacon, the two-legged pig in a wheelchair.

ID: 850806

2. Chris was born without the use of his hind limbs…

ID: 850807

3. But now he gets to roll around in this little wheelchair…

ID: 850805

4. And the wheelchair is MADE OF K’NEX.

Coolest pig wheelchair ever.

ID: 850809

5. Chris also enjoys nibbling on fingers.

ID: 850880

6. Drinking milk from baby bottles.

ID: 850881

7. And being generally adorable.

ID: 850879

8. Watch all of Chris P. Bacon’s wonderfulness… WITH LITTLE PIG NOISES.

ID: 850824

9. And here he is without the chair.

ID: 850832

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