A Tribute To Election Night’s Obama-Biden Bromance

Four years later, the passion thrives.

1. First, they smiled from afar.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

2. Then the back massages started.

Carolyn Kaster / AP
John Gress / Reuters
Larry Downing / Reuters
Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

6. They moved in for a hug.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

7. A deep, manly presidential embrace.

John Gress / Reuters

8. A strong, loving caress.

Larry Downing / Reuters
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

10. And a long, passionate gaze.

Win McNamee / Getty Images
Win McNamee / Getty Images
Jim Bourg / Reuters

13. You did it, lovebirds.

The White House / Getty Images

15. Don’t let this bromance die.

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