35 Animals Who Have No Interest In Being Friends With You

I just… I have no idea what you were expecting.

1. This camel who would have been this girl’s friend if she didn’t make that comment about his luscious neck beard.

ID: 1451338

2. These geese who were having a perfect time in the park with this girl until her mom came along and said they couldn’t be together.

ID: 1468056

3. This orangutan who’s just kinda worried that these guys are becoming a bad influence on his dietary habits.

ID: 1468097

4. This armadillo who was happy to have a nice swim date but is starting to get annoyed with this woman’s incessant splashing.

ID: 1468059

5. This cat who was perfectly fine having a slumber party until you pulled out the pink onesie.

ID: 1468061

6. This monkey who thought you were fine with helping him practice for his hairdressers’ exam but APPARENTLY NOT.

ID: 1468062

7. This bunny who thought you could work it out after he became a bunny, but apparently you can’t let the idea of his former self go.

ID: 1468064

8. This dog who really, honestly wanted to be your friend until he saw you in this Christmas sweater.

ID: 1468072

9. This dog who feels like you’re more interested in things like walking than he is.

ID: 1468081

10. This cat who would be your friend, but frankly, feels like she’s getting too old to be around people who act so irresponsibly.

ID: 1468079


ID: 1468090

12. This horse who thought you were taking a funny picture until he realize you were making fun of his teeth.

ID: 1468096

13. These goats who wanted a friend who wasn’t so scared of getting a little dirt on her dress.

ID: 1468099

14. This dog who wanted very badly to befriend these children if not for the wall of fate that stood between them.

ID: 1468101

15. These deer who were fine being friends with you until your horn-playing became an all-engulfing nuisance.

ID: 1468105

16. These dogs who think your obsession with their culture has gone TOO FAR.

ID: 1468106

17. This pelican who actually just doesn’t want anything to do with you or your pink kitty sweater.

ID: 1468107

18. This cow who is SICK of your games and wants you out of her life.

ID: 1468109

19. This dog who appreciates your empathy but thinks your beard game is just too strong.

ID: 1468112

20. This cat who was fine being your friend until you learned to dance and now he’s afraid you’ll upstage him on the dance floor.

ID: 1468372

21. This goat who thinks your hair tastes too good for this friendship to remain pure.

ID: 1468374

22. This dog who is honestly questioning your dedication to the band.

ID: 1468386

23. This dog who’s tired of having to motivate you every morning.

ID: 1468390

24. This dog who wants to be friends with this guy but is afraid this guy might have a different concept of friendship than him.

ID: 1468393

25. This camel who is only using this woman for orange drink, to be completely honest.

ID: 1468394

26. This dog who’s actually kind of petrified at the thought of commitment.

ID: 1468410

27. This horse who would frankly rather devour your entire head than spend another minute with you as friends.

ID: 1468413

28. This seal who kinda wouldn’t mind being your friend but wishes you two would do more together than just sit around.

ID: 1468415

29. This deer who’s concerned you’re just coming on a little strong.

ID: 1468417


ID: 1468420

31. This kangaroo who WOULD be your friend if you’d share your candy once in a while.

ID: 1468425

32. These dogs who would be happy to ride with you more if you bought an actual vehicle and not a moped with a sidecar.

ID: 1468431

33. This horse who was kinda hoping for friends her own age.

ID: 1468435

34. This llama who is tired of you taking so long to take a damn picture.

ID: 1468437

35. And this whale who’s actually perfectly HAPPY to be your friend. Congratulations.

ID: 1468395

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