Why Barnsley Isn’t Such A Bad Place After All

It has quite a bad reputation

1. This is Barnsley

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

Let’s be honest it has a bad reputation. This photo sums up the modern Barnsley. It has our history (the town hall and mining equipment) and our future. Modern housing to the far left (Gateway Plaza) and the metrodome to the right.

2. Our town hall looks great

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

3. Here’s a close up of the tower

4. The Town Hall fountains are pretty good too

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

5. The Civic gardens are also pretty nice too

6. We also have some fantastic countryside

Shot in Grimethorpe Barnsley

7. See, stunning!

Taken on the nature reserve between Great Houghton and Grimethorpe replacing the “tips”

8. We haven’t totally left our industrial heritage behind however

The glass factory is still in production

9. Despite being a little industrial it’s still a beautiful place

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

10. We also have some highland cows if you know where to look

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

11. Locke Park is also a great place to spend the afternoon or evening

12. It has a Victorian Band Stand

13. and some random columns

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

14. Sure it still has some kinda rough bits

15. but industry is thriving

Flickr /__username__ / Via Flickr: mathewhanley

16. So is new industry

Barnsley Digital Media Center

17. We also have one of the best colleges in the country

Ofsted gave it the highest grade possible for a further education college

18. Beauty can be found everywhere in Barnsley

19. Just need to know where to look

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