17 Reasons Kris Jenner Should Be Veep In 2016

Think Selina Meyer’s a mess? Wait till your see Vice President Kris Jenner.

Imagine what a shock it would be if Hillary announced Kris as her running mate at the DNC convention.

Hear me out…

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1. Kris is a natural leader in times of emergency.

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2. She’s an animal lover.

Work those SPCA fundraisers.

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3. She supports medical marijuana.


Nothing says classy like taking your Chanel backpack bong shopping.

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4. And LGBT rights.

“I think it’s about love. That’s what I believe.”

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5. Though she married a Republican, Kris considers herself more liberal and is a fan of Obama.

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“I do like Obama. Bruce loves Fox News. We’re politically opposites. He’s very Republican, but I am more liberal.”

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6. Some might even call her a feminist.

Kris Jenner dressed as Rosie the Riveter for a light bladder leakage awareness ad is all I need right now

— Melissa Fabrizio (@Mel_Fabrizio)
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Heck, some people legitimately consider Kim a feminist role model.

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7. She’s the kinda gal you’d apparently want to have around if there was a natural emergency.

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8. She’s a sexy, vibrant woman who isn’t afraid to take risks for art.

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9. But still looks to Jesus to keep her grounded.

Gotta appeal to the Christian vote!

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10. Though thankfully she also recognized other deities.

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11. She’d support free Wi-Fi nationwide. No exceptions.

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12. She knows how to curb spending.

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13. While always finding ways to increase revenue.

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14. She’s already prepping Kim for a career in politics.

“Actually, Kim would be amazing at holding office, because she’s so smart and she’s got the kind of personality that she can handle something like that.”

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15. She’s relatable to voters.

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16. But never afraid to speak her mind.

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17. And she’d be great at negotiating with international leaders.

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Don’t judge, you know you support it! #JennerVeep2016

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