Anderson Cooper Knows Your Secrets

Anderson Cooper’s mysterious stare can see through right through you.

1. He knows you’re only wearing that cardigan to cover the stain on your blouse:

ID: 757429

2. He knows you voted for yourself for Employee of the Month:

ID: 757445

3. He knows you didn’t wash your hands:

ID: 757426

4. He knows you weren’t “just passing by” the Breaking Dawn midnight premiere:

ID: 757438

5. He knows his birthday present isn’t already in the mail:

ID: 757452

6. He knows you didn’t “decide” to go stag to your Cousin Ginny’s wedding:

ID: 757460

7. He knows that you don’t own “Fifty Shades of Grey” as a joke:

ID: 757469

8. He knows that “Citizen Kane” isn’t really your favorite movie:

ID: 757477

9. And… He knows who you went home with last night:

ID: 757433

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