10 Conductors Caught Using Magic

What, you think perfectly orchestrated symphonies happen because of practice?

1. Imperio!

Christoph Eschenbach takes complete control of his piccolos

ID: 767263

2. Accio!

This conductor seems to have forgot his pack of wint-o-green life savers

ID: 767266

3. Sectumsempra!

Now, if this conductor had known what this spell did, she wouldn’t have ruined her string section’s instruments…

ID: 767267

4. Wingardium Leviosa!

Swish … and flick!

ID: 1153197

5. Alohamora!

This conductor unlocks the hidden power of a timpani solo.

ID: 1153205

6. Stupefy!

This conductor takes aim at a rival

ID: 1153220

And hits!

ID: 1153222

7. Lumos!

This man, having trouble reading his his music, grabs himself a little more light.

ID: 1153237

8. Crucio!

This conductor is a substitute teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts

ID: 1153257

9. Aguamenti!

This conductor plans a Flashdance-esque finale by spouting water from her baton

ID: 1153265

10. Expecto….

Gustavo Dudamel prepares…

ID: 1153268


Gustavo Dudamel finishes.

His patronus is Tchaikovsky wearing cat ears.

ID: 1153276

Well done Gustavo… Well Done.

ID: 1153277

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