20 Things That Only Entrepreneurs Will Understand

Failure is not an option.

1. People think you’re legitimately insane for quitting your job and pursuing some hair-brained idea.

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2. Risking everything you have to pursue your dream.

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3. No one else understands your vision.

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4. Still believing in your vision when no one else does

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5. Your friends and family tell you you’re just having a quarter life crisis.

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6. Everything seems like an opportunity just waiting for you to make it happen.

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7. The time is now.

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8. Knowing all too well the meaning behind Reid Hoffman’s quote that an entrepreneur is someone who has to “jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”

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9. Writing down ideas that you get in the middle of the night

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10. Staying up until ungodly hours of the night…morning? Who even knows anymore…

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11. Running solely on insane amounts of caffeine, i.e whatever you can get your hands on…Red Bull, Crunk, Four Loko, raw coffee beans, gasoline…

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12. Constantly promoting yourself and your idea to anyone who will listen.

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13. Shamelessly hunting down sponsors for funding.

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14. Using an absurd amount of social media advertising.

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15. Working with a bunch of Generation Y, Millennial Hipsters.

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16. Never knowing what’s coming next or what the future might hold in store.

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17. Trying and failing.

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18. Then trying and trying and failing again

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19. Finally succeeding.

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20. Looking back at how far you’ve come once you’ve finally succeeded.

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