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  • 9 Reasons Petach Tikvah Is Sooooo Israeli

    The Hebrew intensifier (מַמָשׁ) mamash is an Israeli favorite. While it does not have a direct translation to English, it is often compared to “really,” “actually,” or “literally” because of its use to emphasize one’s point. I tell you this because I want you to understand what I am saying when I say that Petach Tikvah is mamash Israeli. I’m not speaking from a place of American naivety—this statement has been verified by several real-life Israelis. Here are some reasons that Petach Tikvah is Mamash Israeli, and some other fun facts about the city I call home.

  • 7 Tips For Surviving The Israeli Classroom

    The reaction I received when speaking to Israelis about my decision to spend a year in the Israeli school system was shocking. Their descriptions led me to believe that it would look something like the mall and cafeteria scenes from Mean Girls. I saw a reality in which human children had completely abandoned domestication in favor of assuming the untamed characteristics of our primate cousins and other land mammals.