13 Animals Who Know It’s Business Time

When on business, it’s no surprise that animals expect the best of the best. Take a look at some of the seriously high demands of the most highly regarded business animals, and the one place that can satisfy them all, the Residence Inn By Marriott

1. This Cat Who Would Have Preferred To Travel First Class

2. This Dog Who Hates It When His Hotel’s Sheets Aren’t Egyptian Cotton

3. The Target Dog Who Prefers His Seats To Be Real Leather

4. This Cat Who Wants His Stylist To Always Arrive 10 Minutes Early

5. This Corgi Who Needs Dry Cleaning And On-Site Laundry For All Of His Ties

6. Boo, Who Always Has To Have The Finest Shampoo In His Suite

7. This Dog Who Requires A Full Kitchen Inside His Room

8. This Cat Who Wants To Meet Other Cats At Evening Social Events

9. This Corgi Who Wants His Daily Hot Breakfast To Include A Variety Of Healthy And Indulgent Options

10. After A Long Day At Work, This Corporate Shiba Inu Wants A Pool And Whirlpool Spa To Unwind

11. This Hard Worker Who’s Looking For A Spacious Vanity Area When He’s On An Extended Trip

12. Since He’s Way Too Busy To Go Shopping, This Cat Needs His Groceries Delivered

13. This Racoon Who Just Doesn’t Want To Pay For His Wi-Fi

14. It’s No Wonder All Of These Animals Choose The Residence Inn By Marriott For Their Extended Stay

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