People Are Freaking Out Over Baker’s Chocolate

Another Facebook PR nightmare as Baker’s Chocolate, a crazy popular baking chocolate brand, changes the amount of product in its package but hikes up the prices. MAYHEM ENSUES.

1. May 17, the fateful day it all began.

ID: 1509489

2. This lady did the math.

We will not be tricked!

ID: 1509900

3. Oh snap!

ID: 1510165

4. GHIRARDELLI is less expensive now, people!

ID: 1509665

6. “It feels like I woke up to gas being $8 a gallon”

1300 boxes a year?

ID: 1509934

7. Constantly having to switch chocolate brands: the pain of a baker.

ID: 1509852

8. This poor lady thought that Baker’s had sold out!

Baker’s tries to redeem itself by offering a coupon for $1 off!

ID: 1509566


ID: 1509603

10. Disappointment.

Notice that, after 2 months, Baker’s still hasn’t fixed the pricing problem like they keep saying they will.

ID: 1509834

11. Big mistake. HUGE.

ID: 1510127

12. Sure, Baker’s, SURE.

ID: 1510198

13. She’s been making the same brownies a few times a week for the past 30 years.

Come on Baker’s stop letting these people down!

ID: 1510042

14. Coupon? You’re not fooling me, Baker’s. #nomorebakers

I hope #nomorebakers becomes a thing.

ID: 1510111

15. #nomorebakers


ID: 1510052

16. Right, Baker’s, it’s the store’s fault. #nomorebakers

ID: 1510132

17. “It’s a travesty!”

ID: 1510074

18. Looks like Kraft’s stock is going to drop like that semi-sweet chocolate cake that called for 8oz of chocolate, for which we only had 4oz.

ID: 1510151

19. This guy takes it upon himself to speak for Baker’s, right on.

ID: 1510186

20. Baker’s didn’t even answer their seemingly only loyal customer!

Seriously, someone give her some ideas!

ID: 1510004

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