People Are Freaking Out Over Baker’s Chocolate

Another Facebook PR nightmare as Baker’s Chocolate, a crazy popular baking chocolate brand, changes the amount of product in its package but hikes up the prices. MAYHEM ENSUES.

1. May 17, the fateful day it all began.

2. This lady did the math.

We will not be tricked!

4. GHIRARDELLI is less expensive now, people!

6. “It feels like I woke up to gas being $8 a gallon”

1300 boxes a year?

7. Constantly having to switch chocolate brands: the pain of a baker.

8. This poor lady thought that Baker’s had sold out!

Baker’s tries to redeem itself by offering a coupon for $1 off!


10. Disappointment.

Notice that, after 2 months, Baker’s still hasn’t fixed the pricing problem like they keep saying they will.

11. Big mistake. HUGE.

12. Sure, Baker’s, SURE.

13. She’s been making the same brownies a few times a week for the past 30 years.

Come on Baker’s stop letting these people down!

14. Coupon? You’re not fooling me, Baker’s. #nomorebakers

I hope #nomorebakers becomes a thing.

15. #nomorebakers


16. Right, Baker’s, it’s the store’s fault. #nomorebakers

17. “It’s a travesty!”

18. Looks like Kraft’s stock is going to drop like that semi-sweet chocolate cake that called for 8oz of chocolate, for which we only had 4oz.

19. This guy takes it upon himself to speak for Baker’s, right on.

20. Baker’s didn’t even answer their seemingly only loyal customer!

Seriously, someone give her some ideas!

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