31 Reasons Peter Is The Superior Stefanovic Brother

Vote 4 Pedro.

1. Peter Stefanovic is an Australian foreign correspondent with Channel 9 who is currently reporting from Gaza.

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2. And this is his brother Karl, the host of Channel 9’s Today Show.

Channel 9 Today show / Via m.youtube.com
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3. While Karl gets all the love, Peter is the superior brother. Like, he’s a serious journalist who reports from dangerous places like Ukraine.

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4. As Karl is playing video games on national television.

Channel 9 Today Show / Via m.youtube.com
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5. Look how boss Peter looks in body armour!

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6. And he has an amazing blue steel “I’m in a damn war zone” look.

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7. This is what happens when Karl reports from the field.

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8. Peter knows when it’s getting too hot in the kitchen and bails.

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9. That’s right…. under-FREAKING-fire he’s still trying to get the best shots for the audience.

Channel 9 / Via video.au.msn.com
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10. Karl gets arrested when he tries his hand at reporting.

Just got arrested for crimes against journalism.

— Karl Stefanovic (@karlstefanovic)
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11. When Peter’s not a globetrotting journalist he’s a fashion icon. Look at that linen.

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12. And that tuxedo… man, total freaking babe.

Channel 9 Today Show
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13. And for some reason he can rock out a flat cap. How does he even make that cool?

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14. All the while Karl is well, marching to another beat.

The short shorts are out again @karlstefanovic #today9 #SeaWorld

— The Today Show (@TheTodayShow)
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15. Peter knows how to be respectful of history and culture.

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16. While Karl… well…

Channel 9 Today
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17. Because Peter is a respected journalist who knows how to handle tough situations and bad-ass mofos.

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18. Like look at this scary journalist and how cool he is handling it.

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19. While Karl’s toughest assignment was keeping it together for Grumpy Cat.

Channel 9 Today Show

Channel 9 Today Show

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20. Peter was once an answer in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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21. And knows when it’s time for business.

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22. And pleasure.

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23. While Karl’s only mode is “party all the time”.

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24. To be fair, both the Stefanovics love to get on the sauce.

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25. But while Peter turns to a pie when he needs a hangover cure.

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26. Karl lost his mind eating the “world’s hottest pie”.

Channel 9 Today Show

Channel 9 Today Show

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Channel 9 Today Show
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27. Peter keeps cool under pressure and gets the job done.

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28. And his current girlfriend is the beautiful Sylvia Jeffreys who is also a Channel 9 journalist.

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29. Who wouldn’t date this guy, who is clearly always having an epic time.

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30. Here’s to the Stefanovic brothers! Australian heroes. But we all know there’ll be always one superior Stefanovic…

Scott Barbour / Getty Images
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31. (We still love you Karl. It’s just your bro is a total legend)

“@thetodayshow: Blokes don’t have a clue about pregnancy… that's why we did this.. More tomorrow morn! #today9 ”

— Karl Stefanovic (@karlstefanovic)
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