Australian Teenagers Arrested For Harassing Jewish Schoolgirls With Hitler Taunts

“They are threatening to slit our throats.”

1. Sydney Police have arrested five teenagers for allegedly threatening Jewish primary school students on a school bus in the beachside suburb of Bondi, Wednesday.

Bondi Village / Via

2. A mother of three daughters on the bus, Jacqui Blackburn told the Today Show a group of eight teenagers targeted the young Jewish children with several physical threats including that they would “slit their throats”.

3. And Ms Blackburn said the group of children were too scared to get off the bus with the teenagers saying, “heil Hitler!”

4. Local residents dobbed in five young men in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but police needed to release the young men back to their parents because they were too drunk to interview.

Morgan Moore / Via

The children targeted in the incident were from Moriah (pictured) and Mount Sinai Colleges, which are located within Sydney’s large Jewish community around the eastern beaches region.

Police Superintendent Jason Box told the assembled media, “I believe this is a random opportunistic incident and to just be mindful that it hopefully isn’t anything more than that.”

5. But according to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry released a statement saying it was “troubled by this latest event and the sequence of anti-Semitic incidents preceding it.”

According to ECAJ, the previous incidents in Australia include a Rabbi being set upon in Perth, anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed on a Perth school and a Jewish man being physically assaulted by two men calling him a “Jewish dog.”

9. Earlier this week, veteran Sydney Morning Herald journalist Mike Carlton resigned over a Gaza column which included a controversial cartoon, that caused outrage in the Australian Jewish community.

The Sydney Morning Herald

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