21 Things To Do Spring Semester In Boston Before Graduation

As graduation is slowly approaching, I realized I haven’t done half of the things the city of Boston has to offer. Here is a list of 21 things to do before graduation in May! Thanks to those who helped out!

1. Go to at least one professional game (e.g. Red Soxs, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots, and Revolution). Bonus points for at least one of each.

2. Ice skating in the Frog Pond

3. People watch in the Boston Common

4. Pub crawl through Faneuil Hall

5. Go the Samuel Adams and Harpoon Brewery tours

6. Try every Samuel Adams and Harpoon Brewery Beers

7. Go clubbing in the theater district (e.g. Rumor, Venu, Cure, Bijou, Estate, or Whiskey Saigon)

8. Take a day trip to Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, and/or Nantucket

9. Do the Freedom Trail

10. Take advantage of free exhibitions and students discounts (e.g. USS Constitution, MFA, Museum of science, and/ or Aquarium)

11. Get lost in Newbury Comics

12. Have dinner in as many restaurants on Newbury St. as you can

13. Go to local coffee shops around Cambridge

14. View the city from the top of the Prudential

15. Pregame during the St. Patrick’s day parade

16. Eat at Dick’s Last Resort to be treated badly on purpose

17. Get Panera delivered

18. Bar hop around Fenway Park

19. Paddle boat and/ or walk/run around the Charles River

20. Have dinner in the North End with a special someone and have Mike’s Pastries for desert

21. As cheesy and cliché as it is, do a duck tour

22. Bonus: In one way or another attend Boston Marathon festivities

*Added on 1/22/2014

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