The 17 Worst Moments Of Any Job Hunt

Hell exists.

1. When you have to write yet another cover letter.

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2. When a former classmate applies to the same position as you.

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3. When you realize there was a typo in the email you just sent to a potential employer.

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4. Or even worse, when you realize you didn’t change the name of the company in your cover letter.

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5. When your classmates post pictures of their new workplace on Facebook.

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6. And when some of them complain because they’re working too much.

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7. When you end up applying to an unpaid internship.

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Or to some poorly paid part-time position where the salary won’t even cover your rent.

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8. When the recruiter of the internship rejects your application because of your “lack of experience.”

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How the fuck are we supposed to get some experience if nobody lets us work in the first place?

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9. When someone tells you: “I don’t understand how you can end up unemployed with all the money you spent on your degree!”

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Well, neither can I so there is no need to rub salt in the wound.

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10. When someone asks you if you’re really trying everything to get a job.

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I’ve tried everything within the boundaries of the law. Any other suggestion?

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11. “Maybe you should lower your expectations?”

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They can’t really get any lower than they are right now.

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12. When you’re waiting to hear from a potential employer.

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13. When you get rejected. Again.

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14. When you get rejected after THREE FUCKING INTERVIEWS.

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And you had invested all of your money in a professional-looking outfit for the occasion.

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15. When you receive a template rejection email.


At least they “wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

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16. Still better than being completely ignored, which happens most of the time.

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17. And when you finally decide to adopt a new philosophy when dealing with rejection.

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