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    • MariaWB

      A child that is wanted is a child the moment the mom and/or dad becomes aware of the pregnancy. For someone who wants kids, loosing a child one day after conception (if you could know right when it happens) is heart breaking and one of the worst feeling in the world.
      I don’t want kids. I’ve never wanted kids. For me, a pregnancy would be an annoying inconvenience and getting an abortion wouldn’t bother me on an emotional level. My best friend, however, who has a daughter, would he devastated if she lost a child, even one too small to see with the naked eye. Commenting with anti-abortion propaganda on an article about a child that was wanted but sadly died at birth is about as cruel as it gets. But that’s usually what we get from people like you.

    • MariaWB

      cnbg: And if the title didn’t show the subject clearly enough, the subtitle right below it says, plain and simple, ‘My nephew was born dead the day after Christmas.’ That being said, I can completely understand how an article like this is hard to read for someone who is or has been pregnant, especially when they are also dealing with depression.
      But you can’t expect the world to adjust to your specific sensitivities. You’ll just have to steer clear of things that upsets you.