Paula Abdul Is The Ultimate American Idol

From cheerleader to choreographer to dancer to pop star, she can do no wrong. Straight Up.

1. Say hello to Paula Abdul.

Sooooo gorgeous, right?

2. You know her from American Idol.

She was the super adorable judge from Seasons 1 - 8. You could always count on her to be super supportive. That is, unless the contestant was terrible, in which case she would let them down easy. Such a sweetheart!

3. Her star power is undeniable!

In more ways than one. She’s always prepared to dazzle!

4. Her rise to fame started in the early ’80s when Abdul was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Seriously, she was a Laker Girl! Within a year of joining the team, Abdul became head choreographer, and her pop career (in dance) totally inevitable.

5. A young Abdul was discovered by the Jackson family.

Could you imagine? First, she choreographed the video for “Torture,” and eventually went on to do more videos for Janet Jackson.

6. Because she’s basically the best dancer ever.

Look at how flexible!

7. Who could forget the Tom Hanks keyboard scene in Big?

Paula choreographed that, too!!!

8. Next up: super stardom!

9. Remember the “Forever Your Girl” single?

In 1988 her single “Forever Your Girl” made it to No. 1—a year after she recorded her first demo. A born star! More than that, it took the album 68 weeks to get there, setting a new record. Incredible, right?

10. And so set the rest of her career in modeling, dancing, and ruling the radio.

Nothing could stop this foxy lady!

11. She took over the late ’80s/early ’90s.

Who else could look that good next to the super babe hunk that is Uncle Jesse?

12. I mean, she’s definitely responsible for like 100% of the greatest karaoke tunes of all time.


13. But she’s so much more than just a pop star.

She’s super fun but most importantly, she has a heart of gold.

14. She knows it’s okay to be vulnerable.

Everyone has ups and downs. She’s human, after all!

15. Truly, the goddess is not afraid to show emotions.

Go ahead and cry, girl!

16. She’s a Loverrrrrrr…

Here’s to Saula! They’re like yin and yang, positivity and negativity, man and woman. The perfect non-couple couple.

17. …A really, really affectionate lover.

Same, Spongebob. Same.

18. It’s nearly impossible to pull off dangerous, adorable and sexy all at the same time, but somehow she manages!

No one who has ever held a gun and worn thigh high leather boots has been able to do that.

19. Oh, and did I mention she’s also an activist?

Specifically: dogs. In March 2009, the starlet became involved with National Guide Dog Month, inspiring people suffering from blindess to seek assistance through guide dogs. So sweet!

20. And just this year, Abdul showed her support for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

At a Seattle Mariners game, Paula promoted prostate cancer awareness… because prostate cancer is for men what breast cancer is for women. She’s incredible!

27. So, in conclusion, she is perfect.


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