Hit Clips Were The Best Way To Listen To Music

It was a testament to man’s ingenuity. And attaching one (or 17) of these bad boys to your Jansport backpack was a thing of status.

1. Remember Hit Clips?

The dictionary-worthy definition: They were small media players, created by Tiger Electronics in 1999. They played about a minute of lo-fi stereo recordings (typically just a chorus or two). They were awesome — and totally the influenced the way we’d listen to music in the years to come (on the cusp of a new millennium!).

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It was basically the link between the cassette single and the MP3. Seriously. Think about it.

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4. They were literally the best thing to happen to music listening in the early ’00s.

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5. That is, until this guy came around and killed them.

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6. iPod killed the Hit Clip Star?

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7. Literally nothing is more 2000 than this.

It’s like a Limited Too exploded.

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Lizzie McGuire had a pop music career! Remember?!?

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9. You couldn’t really control the volume on these things…

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10. …but you didn’t care!

Step one: Shove device close to ear. Step two: Bust a move.

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11. They came in a bunch of cool colors.

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12. They foretold the future.

Beyoncé wasn’t going anywhere, y’all.

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13. Literally.

Queen Bey, rocking your world since the days of the Hit Clip.

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14. There weren’t too many song choices, but all of them were total jams.

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18. It didn’t bother you that the commercials made no sense…

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19. …because they led us to believe Dream Street would be a thing.

Pretty sure no one remembers this band, but, holy crap, how excited would you be if you found this IRL?!

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20. Also, they were kinda, like, mad expensive.

You couldn’t care less, but I’m sure your mom did. There came a point when she wouldn’t buy them for you anymore, and that’s probably the day your childhood died.

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21. So then they got, like, really fancy?

I never had one of these, but I’m totes jealous of everyone who did.

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22. Hit Clip Alarm Clock!

If you were the luckiest child of all time, you had one of these.

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23. How is this not still sold at Claire’s?

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This totally looks like a device from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. (Also, what kind of a guitar has three strings? I’ll tell you: the one where you DGAF because you’re listening to the Backstreet Boys.)

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25. In 2002, the Dance Bot happened.

It’s hard to believe anyone had this thing. It cost like $30 and had two left feet!

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26. Eventually they graduated onward to make MiniDiscs.

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27. Look how cute!

Seriously, who needs CDs or MP3s when you can have these tiny things that are basically impossible to keep track of?

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28. The beginning of the end.

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29. They weren’t very loud, but man, did they make the school-bus ride enjoyable.

There were only about 30 clips to choose from (all of the Top 40 female pop star/boy band variety), so everyone listened to the same music. Win-win.

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30. Too bad they sound like this when you try to play them today.

That’s supposed to be Backstreet Boys’ “The Shape of My Heart.”

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31. Here’s to you, Hit Clips!

Remember Dream?

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32. May you always make us feel like dancing forever.

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Nostalgia is a lifestyle choice, brah.

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