24 Reasons Drake’s Interview At NYU Was The Best Thing Ever

It was funny. It was charming. And, yes, it was emotional.

You already know Drake is the best.


So it should come as no surprise that his interview with journalist Elliott Wilson at New York University was amazing. The conversation was the fifth installment of Wilson’s #CRWN series, presented by Myspace. And it was bananas.

1. The room exploded.

Via Aylin Zafar

Within a few hours of going on sale, tickets for the conversation sold out — that’s over 800 attendees! The crowd was dressed to the nines and super stoked, with some kids lining up as early as 1 p.m. — a cool EIGHT HOURS before the interview. Many were hoping for a surprise performance, and though that didn’t happen, they sure didn’t leave disappointed.

2. No, really, the room seriously exploded.

Raven B. Varona / Via ravenbvarona.com


3. Especially the second Drake walked onto the stage and everything became “Champagne Papi.”

Disclaimer: He didn’t actually enjoy the beverage.

4. Because he decided to give it to a mom.

The coolest mom ever, probably second only to Drake’s mom.


What a gentleman. Swoon.

Drake: inspiration factory.

7. “People ask me if this is your best album? I tell them my best album is my next album.”

Keep ‘em guessing!

8. “People may say about me, ‘Oh man, everything’s so emotional,’ but if I didn’t write about that, what the fuck else would I write about?”

Nothing, Drake. Nothing.

9. “Yeah, I was on Degrassi, yeah, I wear sweaters, yeah, I wore Dada, and no, I don’t give a fuck.”


Jimmy Brooks sure grew up.

10. “Does the album help you get through what you’re going through? If it does, cool, I don’t care how many records I sell.”

Ugh, so perfect.

11. “There are records that exist with me and Aaliyah that no one has heard.”

Cannot even deal.

12. Oh, and, uh, he confirmed that he collaborated with Wu-Tang Clan.

The world is ready.

13. And that he really wants to collaborate with Sade.

15. He also wants to do an entire album of just singing.

16. He even (sort of) called out the rap community:

No new friends, etc.

17. Honesty was the name of the game; just listen to the crowd’s reaction when Drake asked Eliott Wilson if he remembers the Kendrick verse on “Control”:

vine.co / Via Aylin Zafar

Spoiler: He doesn’t, and neither does the crowd. And you know what? Drizzy’s OK with that!

18. Because when Drake’s good, he’s the best. Just take it from his longtime producer, Noah “40” Shebib:

“I’m the songwriter of the year and I’m only working with one guy. I guess I’m doing something right!” I’d say so!

19. Then there was the whole thing about going to a Miley Cyrus party in Las Vegas:

Elliott: “Did Miley twerk?”

Drake: “No… I was not looking.”

20. And opening up about his relationship with both his mom and dad:

“She’s 66, that scares me, man. I’m 26 years old. Life is not guaranteed, and does not last forever.”

22. Before launching into “Twitter isn’t real, btw!”

He continued, “That’s a terrible medium to exist in. You can indulge in it, but don’t live your life by that code.” Get off the internet!

23. “I do subtweet sometimes, though.”


24. But in all seriousness, just never forget Champagne Mami.

Drake won’t.

You perfect prince, you.

Myspace will be releasing video of the full #CRWN interview in three parts over three days, starting this Wednesday.

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