23 Reasons Liam Payne Is Actually The Best Member Of One Direction

Baby you light up my world like nobody else.

Meet Liam Payne.

Did someone say DREAMBOAT?!

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1. He’s a babe.

Total hunk!

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And he is the best member of One Direction.

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2. He only does what he wants.

And nothing else!

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No reaction.

You just can’t mess with this boy!

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3. He will not only answer your questions, he will make them reality.

Shaved head means he’s dangerous.

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4. One time he did this.


ID: 1246569

5. He cares about the issues.

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6. And he LOVES you!

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7. He’s humble.

Even though he’s, like, one of the top 10 most popular British people right now.

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8. I guess he can DJ, too?


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9. He’s a sweetheart.

Just tryna help you out!

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10. He might just be the cutest boy to ever exist.

Bunny hop!

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11. His eyebrows.

Enough said.

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12. He’s passionate.

Like, super passionate.

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13. He’s great to his fans.

Nine billion percent sure when he says he loves you, he means it. Like, reeeeeeally means it.

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14. He looks excellent in any hairstyle.

ID: 1246719

See what I mean?

ID: 1246722

15. He’s super talented.

Serenade me!

ID: 1246738

16. He’s got moves.

Being a dweeb has ever looked better.

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17. He is a fancy candle.

I'm a fancy candle

— Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne)

Liam Payne


I’m a fancy candle

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18. He loves animals.

Look at him with this perfect puppy he is also a perfect puppy.

ID: 1248785

19. He’s clearly the coolest member.

Just look at those other fools!

ID: 1246803

20. He’s super serious about his art.

This is serious face.

ID: 1246910

21. And he can joke around, too.

While still being a badass.

ID: 1246838

22. He’s hysterical!

I’m going to pretend he actually said “I’m freezing my peanuts off” because cute.

ID: 1247120

Total goof.

ID: 1246615

23. And there’s a possibility he likes you too!

Dreams can come true, ladies.

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