22 Reasons Krysten Ritter Is The Girl Crush To End All Girl Crushes

Go ahead, trust the b****! She’s a total goddess.

1. First things first, Krysten Ritter is adorable.

In a totally undeniable way.

ID: 1598711

2. Like, effortlessly adorable.

I’ve never wanted to eat and simultaneously dance more in my entire life.

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3. The fun kind of adorable!

Ritter is secretly dangerous, like, you might hurt yourself, but you’re going to have a great time doing whatever she suggests.

ID: 1594618

4. You hate everybody. She hates everybody more.

And is creative in her hatred.

ID: 1595812

5. Seriously. hates. everyone.


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6. Which is why she’s so amazing as Chloe in Don’t Trust the B**** In Apt. 23.

See what I mean?

ID: 1594628

7. A role she totally embraces.



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8. Sort of similar to her role as Patty in She’s Out of My League.

Best insult ever?

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9. All that sass is also what makes her, you know, totally hysterical.

Even when she’s not trying to be.

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10. And when she’s sincere, she’s sooooo profound!

And how.

ID: 1594696

11. She’s totally honest with herself and others.


Everyone feels that way sometimes.

ID: 1623571

12. See what I mean?

So true.

ID: 1595681

13. Maybe a little too much.


You’ll take the good with the bad.

ID: 1623585

14. Which makes her a totally awesome & super-fun friend.

Seriously, though, who wouldn’t want to spend all their free time with her?

ID: 1595357

15. Just look at her hanging out (gambling) with Ashley Greene!

Another cool lady, I’m sure.

ID: 1595437

16. True to character, she gives excellent sex advice.

Which is actually life advice. Duh.

ID: 1594614

17. Usually through example.

ID: 1594724

18. Usually.

ID: 1595395

19. Oh, and did I mention that’s she’s a totally talented musician?


Her band, Ex-Vivian, is totally beautiful, delicate indie folk. Girl can singggg.

ID: 1623250

20. No one will ever have a more perfect “OMG are you serious?!” face.

Something we can all aspire to.

ID: 1595773

21. And she’ll drink to high heaven with you.

Who doesn’t dream of getting sloppy with their girl crush?

ID: 1594611

22. So in conclusion, Krysten Ritter is perfect.


ID: 1595762

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