14 Reasons Hayley Williams Is The Perfect Punk Role Model

Paramore’s frontwoman is passionate, fashionable, and her stage presence is as fiery as her hair. Here’s every reason to love this pop-punk goddess.

This is Hayley Williams.

The Franklin, Tennessee, native scored a deal with Atlantic Records at the tender age of 14. Her managers wanted to sign her as a solo pop artist but she objected; grrrl wanted to play in an “alternative” rock band.

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OK, so maybe, like, a million slightly angsty angels.

Whatever, feeling all the feelings also means you’re “soulful,” right?

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She’s the frontwoman of the band Paramore.

They were a pop-punk band that formed in 2004 and wrote songs about being young and paranoid. Now they’re a rock band that play arenas all over the world, and they still write songs about being young and paranoid.

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But no one really knows who these guys are.

Paramore was founded by Hayley with a pair of brothers. There was a falling out or something and now there are these guys who aren’t brothers.

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1. She has the voice of a million angels.

Her cackle is as swoon-worthy as her croon, at times it’s hard to believe such a massive voice can be produced from a single person.

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2. And she’s not afraid to scream.

Where warranted, of course.

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3. She’s basically Björk for teens.

Visually. Girl is left of field. Double buns!

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Maybe if Björk were American, she, too, would’ve been in a rock band…

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4. But also Gwen Stefani (of the early ’00s).

No Doubt era, minus the unfortunate ska period. Both ladies are the face of their bands, both use their gender to (unapologetically) empower young girls.

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Thank god for the internet: There are only about 1 million photographs of Hayley and Gwen wearing the same stuff. I wonder if they shop together. Or at the same place. Or have the same stylist. How does fashion work?

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5. In fact, Hayley might just be the spunkiest person of all time.

I’m pretty sure no one else has ever been able to get their hair to do that.

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Yeah, Hayley, you go make that weird face on what is probably a red carpet.

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6. Also: Her skin is literally flawless.

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Babe alert.

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7. She’s probably the only person in the history of Warped Tour to get her own cosmetics line.

And it’s entirely inspired by her HAIR. Too bad no one will look good wearing it except for her.

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8. She looks like she could have been made in a Nylon magazine people factory, but guys, SHE’S REAL!

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Half of the stuff she wears/the way she does her hair feels like it was invented for her, like this couldn’t exist before Hayley Williams’ Paramore.

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9. She makes being emo aspirational.

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10. She leaves little to the imagination in a really, really good way.

Paramore is accessible to everyone, Hayley is queen of describing what we’re all feeling (or have felt).

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Seriously, every Paramore lyric reads a diary entry.

Just tellin’ it like it is.

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11. She also likes babies.

I would say the feeling is mutual, but disregarding the mommy-made “Paramore’s Cutest Fan” shirt, that kid doesn’t look too happy…

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12. And she’s a good friend.

Well, at least to Taylor Swift. I bet they sit around and watch Girls together. Sometimes they sing each other’s songs.

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She is wearing a studded fanny pack. SHE IS WEARING A STUDDED FANNY PACK!!

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13. Oh yeah, and she’s also the most adorable person to ever walk this earth.

Move over, Jennifer Lawrence.

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14. And despite whatever your shortcomings are, she’s still into you.

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We love you too, Hayley bb.

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