Hello :) Not sure what to write here... I'm a college freshmen who talks a lot and is a total slacker... but not in a bad way, hahaha, if that's possible ^_^ Love to read, love to write (fiction), love to hike/do wall climbing (even though I su...
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    • mariajosee

      Some of the examples in the article have actual reasons for being gendered, that much is true (men and women’s razors are different because they’re generally used for different areas of the body- men use them for facial hair, and women for body hair), however that doesn’t mean the whole thing is ridiculous.
      The only reason there are “boy” colors and “girl” colors is because that’s what’s dictated by our society (like xoffender pointed out, they used to be swapped). The reason why this idea that girl things and boy things need to be different is in part perpetuated by marketing- if you can convince people that they need to get a special “girl” version of a product for girls and “boy” version of a product for boys, you’re ultimately selling more product. It’s good business. But a boy isn’t born thinking “Hmmm, you know what my favorite color is? BLUE!” That is the result of a) people constantly giving him objects/clothing/etc in that color and b) people making fun of boys who deviate (little boys who prefer pink are often ridiculed).
      Furthermore, when we get older, we tend to care less about that sort of color divide (men continue to be pressured against pink, but a woman’s color choices are far less restricted). So why do I need special pink ear plugs?
      And what about some of the other examples that don’t rely on colors? Are you saying that you agree, men really need “mansize” tissues to blow their super manly noses?? And women need a special pen for their delicate feminine hands??