Fox Business Correspondent Calls Reporters "Pathetic" And "Dumb" In Poorly Spelled Tweets

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Notoriously combative Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino took to finance Twitter today to blast multiple reporters over the quality of their reporting, insult their publications, and slam their intelligence levels.

The fight started when Gasparino tweeted he heard a rumor that century-old trade publication The Bond Buyer was closing, which turned out to be just that — a rumor. Others on Twitter criticized him for posting that without checking, which Gasparino didn’t take kindly to, to put it lightly.

This isn’t the first time Gasparino has sparred with fellow journalists on Twitter. But throughout the course of today’s tirade, the prickly Wall Street Journal and New York Post alum certainly dialed up the intensity to new levels. Notably, his increasingly erratic tweets were peppered with misspellings and abbreviations such as “u” and “ur” that are native to the now largely extinct AOL Instant Messenger.

(GFY stands for “Go F—- Yourself”)

@HeatherLandy gfy; I said "sad IF true" u moron now go back to writing that muni bonds remain unchanged

Jim Romenesko took note of the quickly escalating situation. He published a letter from tech writer Dan Mitchell stating, in part, “This is not new. Gasparino reveals himself on Twitter — as he has done all day, every day, for years — to be severely emotionally stunted. He constantly hurls vicious insults at people and gets into long, juvenile pissing matches. He also tweets like a 14-year-old girl, unnecessarily using ‘u’ for ‘you’ etc. One of our best-known ‘business journalists.’”

@richmelville had the ring of being true because the last time u guys broke a story was when I was there in 94

Mitchell, in fact, summarized the whole episode quite nicely.

Charlie Gasparino's Twitter feed: the disintegration of an adult human's personality seen in real time. @romenesko

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