Why Going Back To School Is Actually Awesome

Snapping out of vacation mode can be rough. Well actually, not that rough.

1. You might think you feel like this…

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2. But actually, not doing things is seriously overrated.

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3. After a few days at home…

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4. …vacation boredom leaves you vulnerable to pathetic downward spirals.

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8. And it could get worse…

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9. Much worse.

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10. God forbid.

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11. You lose appreciation for well-drawn characters and meticulous pacing.

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12. Plus, who wants to sit at home when you could get adorable notes like this at school?

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13. Sure, a stocked fridge may be nice if you’ve been toughing it out on your own…

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16. But avoiding these horrible incidents is much nicer…

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18. And when you’re lazing around the house, parental manipulation can really be a drag.

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19. But at school, there are precious moments of relaxation…

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20. …that are yours, and yours alone.

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21. Unless you are James Franco, for whom lecture snoozes become TMZ phenomena.

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22. Sure, Mom may make pancakes on holiday mornings, but you can’t get away with this at home.

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23. And bunsen burners in chem lab? Sexy.

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24. School is where it’s at, people.

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25. And if you study hard enough, one day this could be you.

University of Nebraska classics professor, Tom Winter, is beloved for traversing campus by skateboard.

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26. So get excited!

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27. Because starting fresh just feels soooo good.

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28. And let’s be real. Deep down, we all want to go back to school.

ID: 776325

29. Especially this lady.

98 year-old Nola Ochs, the oldest person to earn a Master’s Degree.

ID: 776339

30. So hey there, second semester.

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