Why Going Back To School Is Actually Awesome

Snapping out of vacation mode can be rough. Well actually, not that rough.

1. You might think you feel like this…

2. But actually, not doing things is seriously overrated.

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3. After a few days at home…

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4. …vacation boredom leaves you vulnerable to pathetic downward spirals.

8. And it could get worse…

9. Much worse.

10. God forbid.

11. You lose appreciation for well-drawn characters and meticulous pacing.

12. Plus, who wants to sit at home when you could get adorable notes like this at school?

13. Sure, a stocked fridge may be nice if you’ve been toughing it out on your own…

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16. But avoiding these horrible incidents is much nicer…

18. And when you’re lazing around the house, parental manipulation can really be a drag.

19. But at school, there are precious moments of relaxation…

20. …that are yours, and yours alone.

21. Unless you are James Franco, for whom lecture snoozes become TMZ phenomena.

22. Sure, Mom may make pancakes on holiday mornings, but you can’t get away with this at home.

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23. And bunsen burners in chem lab? Sexy.

24. School is where it’s at, people.

25. And if you study hard enough, one day this could be you.

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University of Nebraska classics professor, Tom Winter, is beloved for traversing campus by skateboard.

27. Because starting fresh just feels soooo good.

28. And let’s be real. Deep down, we all want to go back to school.

29. Especially this lady.

98 year-old Nola Ochs, the oldest person to earn a Master’s Degree.

30. So hey there, second semester.

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