28 Signs You Sang A Cappella In College

It was the best of times, it was…THE BEST of times. Aca-lovers, you know who you are.

1. No audition will ever again be absurd enough to shock you.

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2. You prayed before every concert that you wouldn’t have to stand next to the vocal percussionist.

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3. You spent the first few weeks of college locked in practice rooms, running from audition to audition with a thermos of tea.

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4. Walking around campus in formalwear, en route to a gig, was NBD.

Photo by Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi

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5. Your daily mood hinged on any of these things:

1. Your vocal range for the day

2. Progress made on your latest song arrangement

3. The success of your last solo

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6. You’re familiar with the dreaded “OH SHIT” moment.

ID: 1017177

7. From time to time, this seems like a fulfilling evening.

ID: 1003699

8. Nonsense syllables began to replace complete thoughts after a bit too much rehearsal.

ID: 1012897

9. You learned how to read every twitch of your pitch’s face to determine how well things were going mid-performance.

ID: 1013047

10. Nothing came between you and the most talented freshmen. NOTHING.

ID: 1013565

11. You’ve known the suffering of stuffing the whole group into two cars to get to an off-campus gig.

ID: 1013680

12. You no longer can sing the melody to most of your favorite songs.

ID: 1016986

13. “Aca-” seemed like an appropriate prefix for almost anything:

ID: 1013786

To describe rivalry, bureaucratic strife, and high-stakes belting:

AKA “Aca-drama”

ID: 1013877

And the not-to-be-missed singer-ragers:

AKA “Meatmarket”

ID: 1013843

14. You were hard-pressed to think of anyone who never fell prey to “aca-cest.”

ID: 1013857

15. You’ve experienced romantic obsession based purely on musical talent.

ID: 1012731

16. You know the existential terror of saving changes to your arrangement.

What is about to happen???!!!

ID: 1013951

17. You’ve spent so long locked in a dank room for auditions and callbacks that you’ve come to question your sanity.

Photo by Eileen Palmer

ID: 1016341

18. When non-a cappella friends wanted to hang out, your answer was usually:

ID: 1014428

19. During audition season, you mastered the cordial stink-eye for members of “rival” groups.

ID: 1016527

20. You are less offended by the traditional F-word than the other F-word…

ID: 1014001

21. Someone forgot their attire, and it was awkward for everybody.

ID: 1016028

22. You’ve forgotten that “Whiffenpoof” is actually a ridiculous word.

ID: 1016660

23. You may own more concert attire than everyday clothing.

ID: 1015902

24. You can’t go anywhere with anyone else in your group without singing (in five parts, obviously).

ID: 1016856

25. You struggle to function without your pitch pipe.

ID: 1017267

26. As an alum, photos of new members that pop up on Facebook inspire unbearable nostalgia.

ID: 1016721

27. “Holy Night” (Season 4, Ep. 11) is your favorite episode of The West Wing, for reasons that need not be clarified.

ID: 1002881

28. You are still holding out for your happy ending.

ID: 1002758

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